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Sexual Assault Can be Devastating to Victims

Manchester Sexual Assault Attorney Scales of JusticeWhile these crimes have devastating impacts on victims, they can also severely affect their families. The victim often suffers significant and lasting pain, and even guilt. In many cases it is difficult for the victim to return to a job or enjoy everyday activities. The County Attorney will work hard to make sure that the perpetrator is put behind bars, but that does nothing to help the victim with financial losses. A Manchester sexual assault attorney with the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC will represent you in civil court to seek damages.

A Manchester Sexual Assault Attorney Discusses Types of Assaults

Under New Hampshire law, there are several types of sex crimes – in varying degrees – that give rise to significant criminal and civil liability. Aggravated sexual assault is a felony crime carrying a maximum 20-year sentence. This is the most severe charge under New Hampshire law and generally involves unlawful sexual penetration with an aggravating factor. These factors include a victim who is vulnerable or drugged, the victim is a minor, the act took place with the use of force or the perpetrator was administering medical services or therapy.

The second type of crime, known as sexual assault, involves unlawful sexual penetration without any aggravating factors. It differs from misdemeanor sexual assault in that the victim must be under 16, victimized by a corrections officer engaging in sexual contact, resulting injury. This misdemeanor classification includes sexual contact (e.g., touching or fondling) a minor with an aggravating factor present, intercourse between minors with an age difference of four years or more, or sexual misconduct by a parole or probation officer.

What Can Happen During Civil Proceedings

The criminal case related to these types of crimes generally has a strong impact on whether a civil case can successfully be brought, though this is not always the case. Your Manchester Sexual Assault Attorney at the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC may consult with the County Attorney’s office to help in developing your plaintiff action.

Contact a Manchester Sexual Assault Attorney Today

If you have been victimized in this type of crime, you may be able to collect civil damages. For compassionate and discreet help with your case, contact the Law Office of Manning & Zimmerman, PLLC today at (603) 624-7200 or toll-free (800) 984-3151.


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